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Community & Relocation Resources

The University of Arizona contracts with Above & Beyond Relocation Services to provide free relocation support services, such as real estate assistance and community orientations. New employees may also use these services.

Here is the information Above & Beyond provided about their service:

  • Introduce us to your candidates before their interview visit and we will share all that Arizona has to offer. Our services are best utilized during the candidacy stage as a recruitment tool. Please don’t wait until they are in town and lost.
  • This is what we do for you, your organization and your job candidates, potential new hires and new employees.
  • We provide relocation services in Tucson and the Phoenix areas.
  • 28 Real Estate Professionals representing 13 realty companies in both cities who are experienced, knowledgeable, professional and stay current in a fast-changing market.
  • Our Mortgage Professionals in Phoenix and Tucson come to us highly recommended, as do our Phoenix Business Partners and Tucson Business Partners.

Employees relocating to Arizona may receive a departmental moving allowance and may choose among seven national moving companies that have established competitive pricing agreements with the University of Arizona. Several benefits are also offered at no additional cost: free valuation (insurance); waiver of peak transportation rates (during the summer months & holidays); and discounted rates for international moves. For more information and bidding requirements see the Moving Information Sheet for New Hires. (See also: FSM Policy #9.14)

Click here for's cost-of-living and salary comparison calculator, with data for several Arizona cities, including Tucson, Phoenix, and Sierra Vista.